A Little Bit of Love

Recess duty. Probably one of my least favorite things about being a teacher. Sure, it’s not so bad right now, but when it gets cold, windy, rainy, and then snowy, I have to turn into an Eskimo:



Anyway, I digress. Sometimes good things can happen at recess. 🙂 I had recess duty on Tuesday and I witnessed some beautiful acts of love from some of our littlest people.

About three minutes into recess, two second grade girls, both my former students, came up to me very concerned about a little kindergartener who did not have a friend to play with. The girls tried to help him find a friend from his class, but the little guy kept shouting and running away from them (this may have contributed to the whole difficultyfindingafriend thing). They asked me if I could help. I approached the young man (let’s call him James for the sake of making this a little less confusing) and watched for a bit, making a plan while he stood forlornly by the zip line. Out of nowhere, another kindergarten boy came up and asked if James would tie his shoes for him. I almost fell over when James forgot his loneliness and immediately bent down and TIED THE KID’S SHOES! Friends, I have first graders that don’t know how to tie their shoes yet. I was floored! Even more surprising was the fact that after the shoe-tying was over, they both went off to play together happily. Win-win!

Also during this same recess, one of my first graders fell on the playground and scraped up her leg and knee. She was quite beside herself for a while, so we sat on a bench on the playground for a bit. A gaggle of girls from my class came over to see if everything was okay and one of them, after seeing it wasn’t a life or death situation, expertly distracted the injured girl and asked her to play with her and the rest of the girls. A tear-stained, but smiling face followed them across the playground.

I am so thankful for these little acts of love that happen every day. I think sometimes we take them for granted and forget what a beautiful thing it is when little people step outside of themselves for a moment to help someone else. Keep an eye out for the small acts of love little (and big) people do for one another in your world this week.

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