Tired voice?

5th grade is off to a great start! I have another amazing class and I am already excited for all the new things I will be able to do with this “family.”   I did something today that I have tried before but never had success with…until today!

Let me tell you the story.

We are working our way though all the different genres in Language Arts right now by reading a picture book and then taking notes on what characteristics each genre has.

My voice is always a mess during these first few weeks of school and today my voice had finally had enough! It was worn out and tired. I casually said to my class, “I’m sorry that my voice is so bad right now!” One of my students quickly said, “I’ll teach!”

I dropped my pen onto the sheet we were writing on and said, “It’s all yours!” My notes were all on the table, so I knew he would have something to look at. I didn’t expect this to go well, so I stood off to the side of the room in order to quickly regain control of the room.

To my shock and delight, this student said, “Ok…who can tell me what kind of characters we would find in Historical Fiction books?”


I suddenly realized this was going to go well, so I went to sit down at his desk in order to write down the notes for him and play the role of a student. The rest of the class didn’t quite know how to handle it or how long I was going to let this happen, but they also embraced the moment and even referred to him as Mr. _________.

This student proceeded to walk and talk the class through character, plot, and setting for historical fiction books. If students didn’t quite give the right answer to his question he would say things like, “That’s good, but not quite what we are looking for” or “What else could you tell me?”

It was amazing! Never before have I been so thankful for my tired, beginning of the school year voice. I know I will have more students who will want to do this and what a fabulous way to empower them and make them really own their learning as individuals and as a community! Today’s student set the bar so high that others will to rise to the challenge. I have a feeling that this is going to become quite common and popular in my room this year, and what a blessing to be able to witness it all unfold in front of me.

Have I mentioned lately that I love my job?

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