What Does the Cross Mean to You?

Have you thought about the cross lately?

The fifth graders led our all school chapel today and helped us to focus on the cross. There were many elements to the chapel, but I was moved to tears a couple of times as fifth graders shared what they had written about the cross and about Jesus’ sacrifice for them.

When we got back to our classroom after chapel, we spent some time writing, drawing, and reflecting about what we had heard. It was uncharacteristically quiet (we are a pretty chatty bunch) as the kids worked. I wanted to share some of their responses with you.


“The cross means his suffering for us and forgiving our sins–like, 1,000 sins–and that is a lot of sinning for us, but Jesus forgave us and that is a lot of forgiving.”

“The cross means to me that Jesus died on the cross for us. Thank you ┬áJesus, that you died on the cross.”

“The cross reminds me of how much Jesus loves us and that Jesus died for us.”

“Jesus died on the cross for us because he loves us. He got whipped for our sins.”

“Jesus loves us super much. He died for us. He saved us.”

“The cross means to me that he forgave us and died on the cross for us.”

“The cross is to remember Jesus because Jesus died on it. That is why we celebrate Easter time.”

“The cross means he took all our sins away so we can forgive others. The world needs God and Jesus.”

“The cross means death. Jesus died on the cross so we did not need to die. I can’t wait to go to heaven.”


What does the cross mean to you?


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